4Days Sikkim Dzongri Trek

4Days Sikkim Dzongri Trek

4Days Sikkim Dzongri Trek


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Why should you do the Sikkim Dzongri Trek  

Dzongri Trek is a perfect adventure no matter the season, and a perfect trek to immerse yourself completely in nature’s beauty. A four day and 41Km long trek in Sikkim that will inspire you to set your mind on your next bigger trek in Sikkim or anywhere in the Himalayas.

Dzongri Trek is a journey in Sikkim to the most beautiful trekking destination in Sikkim, the Dzongri Ridge. A trek to fascinating landscapes and terrain coupled with beautiful Himalayan scenery. In some other words, Sikkim Dzongri Trek is an experience that you will love to reminisce about all your life.

Short trek for time bound hikers

Also, Sikkim Dzongri Trek is for those who do not have the luxury of trekking for several days, either because they do not have the time or either for lack of Budget, but would like to get the taste of  trekking in Sikkim Himalayas.

Once on the Dzongri Trek you will immediately get a strong impression of being far away from human habitation, and you will encounter on the trek to Dzongri the most uninhabited areas.

To the eyes of a first time visitor Sikkim will seem fresh and new, and the representation of the most beautiful part of Sikkim Himalayas can be seen every where on the Dzongri Trek. While in the shadows of the mighty Kanchenjunga and it’s smaller mountains lies Dzongri the most beautiful destination in Sikkim.

Yuksom Dzongri Trek in Sikkim
Dzongri Camp Site

Dzongri Top – A stunning view Point

Best Trekking route in Sikkim
View of the Kanchenjunga Range from Dzongri View Point

Dzongri Trek provides the best place in Sikkim for mesmerizing Himalayan views, the Dzongri view Point. An ardous one hour climb in the morning for great views of  Kanchenjunga Massif and it’s Ranges during sunrise will not dissapoint you. This view itself will make this trek worth the effort, and you could spend hours here soaking it all in.

Where does the Dzongri Trek Start & End ?

Yuksom six hours drive from Bagdogra Airport or New Jalpaiguri Rail Station, and four hours drive from the capital Gangtok. is the trek head and also the ending point of the Sikkim Dzongri Trek.

Best Season to Trek in Sikkim

There are two main seasons for trekking in Sikkim. First season starts from Mid – March and continues on till May, though trekking can be done till mid June but for the monsoon rains which will be a hindrance.

But after having said that, Sikkim Dzongri Trek is best done between Mid- March to April when the temperature is very conducive for trekking and the sky clear for mountain views. Dzongri Trek during this time also becomes very vibrant because of the different hues of color from the Rhododendron Flowers and also of the wild flower blooms in Dzongri.

Mountain views on the Dzongri Trek in the month of May be be marred by the clouds from the fast approaching rain bearing Monsoon clouds, and which maybe a little disappointing after having trekked the Dzongri Trail for two days just to get this view.

The second best season to go on the Sikkim Dzongri Trek is from October to November. The just concluded three months of monsoon rain washes away all the impurities, thus making the surrounding areas and the sky clear, clean and crisp. Making the mountains even more breathtakingly visible.

It is also possible to do the Dzongri Trek in December as you will encounter clear skies for mountain views, but be prepared to withstand minus celsius temperature and snowfall.

Food and Accommodation

Dzongri Trek is a short four days camping trek in Sikkim.

Twin share tents with three inch mattress each will be provided to the participants.

Kitchen Tent, Dining Tent and a Toilet Tent will also be provided during the Dzongri Trek. Kitchen Tent and the Dining Tent also doubles up as sleeping tents for the support team.

Yuksom a small a historical village and the first capital of Sikkim is well equipped with a number of Hotels, Home stays and Lodges. They cater to every standard of trekkers and hikers arriving in Yuksom bound for the Dzongri Trek.

There is a trekkers hut each in Tchoka and Dzongri with basic facilities and the fee for staying overnight in these two huts are included in the Park Fee.

Tchoka also has additional two lodges operated by the Tourism Department, with very basic facilities. But you will have to pay extra if you need to stay overnight here.

Besides the Trekkers Hut, Forest Department also has a small Hut that will be rented out for a night provided no officials are on a visit.

Fixed three meals a day, that is, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided along with evening Tea with snacks. Local Vegetarian food, that is Rice, Dal and Vegetable Curry, Chowmein and Chapatis will be served during the entire period of the Dzongri Trek.

Best Trekking Packages in Sikkim
View of Mount Pandim, Thinchenkhang and Narsing from Dzongri

Trekking Gear and Packing Your Bags

A large haversack ( 50-55L) should be used to put in all your clothes and a sleeping bag, as it will be easy to pack it up on the back of the pony.

Bring along a sleeping Bag that is made to withstand temperature between 10Degree to minus 20Degree celsius.

Also carry a small duffle bag with lock (for storing excess gear & travel clothes in hotel).

Single use Plastic is banned in Sikkim therefore please bring with you water bottle that can be re-used. Boiled water will be provided once at the camp site, but it is advisable to carry with you water purifying tablets.

Personal medical kit with your medicines for Fever, Dysentry, antiseptic cream for cuts, crepe bandages for sprains, pain killer tablets, band-aids for small cuts and foot blisters, Sunscreen lotions and Vaseline for Chaffed lips etc.

Polarized Sun Glasses along with a cap or sun shade should also be included in your kit to save your eyes from the glare of the Sun and as well from the snow.

What to carry in your Day Pack

Carry a day pack large enough (30-40l) for day use to put in your personal Items, water bottle, personal snacks, a rain jacket / an umbrella, a light fleece jacket, a wind stopper and your personal medical kit. Carry in your day pack energy bars, toffees to keep your energy level high during the Dzongri Trek.


Day time temperature on the Dzongri Trek will vary between 6Degree Celsius to 18Degree Celsius. Therefore, include a couple of pairs of loose and comfortable trekking pants and a couple of quick dry Tee Shirts for Day use. Also include a rain coat, a light fleece jacket, a wind stopper and wollen socks.

Temperature in the evening, night and in the morning on the Dzongri Trek can fluctuate between five Degree Celsius to minus five degree celsius. Therefore, your clothing should include, a down jacket, thick fleece jacket, thermal inners, balaclava or wollen cap, wollen socks, thermal or wollen mittons , wollen or thermal gloves for Evening, night and morning use.

The trail on the Dzongri Trek is rough and uneven, therefore, bring along along a sturdy pair of ankle length trekking boots. If the trekking boots are new then, do not forget to break into them in advance so that it is comfortable while trekking here in Sikkim.

Permits for Dzongri Trek 

Trekkers and Hikers planning the Dzongri Trek will have to go through a travel agency registered and recognized by the Tourism Department, Government of Sikkim. Trekking permit will be issued by the Tourism Department for a minimum of two persons only. It is mandatory for all participants to be accompanied by a local Guide.

Inner Line Permit for Foreign Trekkers and Hikers

Foreign visitors will have to have an Inner Line Permit (ILP) to Visit Sikkim in addition to the Indian Visa.  ILP is easily available at the Tourism office, at the border crossing between West Bengal and Sikkim at Rangpo and Melli.

Sikkim Nationalised Transport Office in Siliguri also issues Inner line Permit for foreign hikers heading for Sikkim. Inner Line Permit for foreign Trekkers and Hikers to visit Sikkim is issued for a period of thirty days only. 

Visitors Entering Sikkim will have to fill up a form and attach with it a xerox copy of the Passport, Indian Visa and Two Passport Photos at the above given entry points.

On exiting from Sikkim the Passport along with the ILP has to be produced at the exit Point for endorsement.

Who Can do this Trek ?

Dzongri Trek can be undertaken by anyone who is physically fit and is also trained for long walks. But, after having said that, the more fit you are, more enjoyable the trek will be since you do not lack the stamina and go out of Breath.

I am a Single Traveler

We have Group Departure leaving at intervals for Yuksom Dzongri Trek in Sikkim. You can join one of the group according to the date of your choice.

Booking Process

Once you decide to experience the best of Sikkim with us through the Dzongri Trek, you will need to deposit an advance amount of US$100 per person to confirm and book this trek with us. Just fill up the enquiry form and send it to us. We will in reply send you the information for you to deposit the advance amount, along with additional information to prepare you for the trek.

Cancellation Policy

  • Minimum Charge : (Deposit Amount will not be refunded in the event of trek being cancelled due to Govt. Policy/ Closure of National Parks etc).
  • Less than 15 Days of the Trek Date : 50% of Trek Cost.
  • On or after Trek start date : No Refund.
  • No Refunds if Trek is Aborted /Shortened for any reason.


  • No. of Days on the Trek : 4Days
  • Total no. of Days : 8Days
  • Minimum No. of Participants : 2Persons
  • Type of Trek : Camping Trek
  • Trek Availability : Join a group Dates shown below
  • Trek Grade : Moderate to Strenuous
  • Starting & Ending Poing : Bagdogra Airport / NJP Rail Station / Nepal Border
Group Departure – 2022
28 March-04 April,202223 May-30 May,202210-17 Oct,2022
11-17 April, 202212-19 Sept,202224 Oct-31 Oct,2022
23 April-30 April,202226 Sept-03 Oct,202231 Oct -07 Nov,2022
09-16 May,202203-10 Oct,202214-21 Nov,2022

Sikkim Dzongri Trek Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Bagdogra Airport. Drive to Gangtok. Overnight Hotel (B/B only). Meet our Representative on arrival at Bagdogra Airport and start the 4Hrs journey to Gangtok.

Day 2: Gangtok. A Day in Gangtok. Drive to Rumtek monastery-23Km from Gangtok town. Overnight Hotel (B/B only).

Day 3: Drive to Yuksom (6Hrs.). Overnight Lodge.

It’s a 5-6 hours drive to Yuksom from Gangtok, the trek head. A small village in West Sikkim and was also the first Capital of  the Kingdom of Sikkim when this small state was a Himalayan Kingdom ruled by a King.

Day 4: Dzongri Trek Starts. Trek to Bakhim. Overnight Tents.

  • Yuksom to Sachen ( 2185m/7Km/3Hrs)
  • Sachen to Bakhim ( 2743m/5Km/3Hrs)

After the formalities with the Kanchenjunga National Park is done. We start the first day of the Dzongri Trek gently from Yuksom where the first one Kilometre is on a tramac road, then we gently cross over a small settlement. Two Kilometers from this village we enter through the gate of the Kanchenjunga National Park where the trail is through lush Green Forests and cross fast flowing rivers on suspension bridges till we reach Sachen our lunch spot for the day 7Km away.

From Sachen for the first 2Km continues gently on the thin trail gaining altitude very subtly, until the trail drops down for about 50 metres to the river bed at Prekchu. Here we cross the river on a long suspension bridge. With a gain in the altitude of 983m the trail from the Bridge at Prekchu till our camp site at Bakhim is a steep 3Km uphill. During the peak trekking season the Dzongri Trek Route will be busy with the Yaks and the Ponies ferrying goods of the trekkers both ways. With the trail being narrow it is to be remembered you will need to let them pass by. Bakhim at an altitude of 2743m/9000ft is a small clearing on a hill side with a lonely hut and a dilapidated wooden structure belonging to the Kanchenjunga National Park. Our stop on the first day of the Dzongri Trek.

Day 5: Trek Bakhim to Dzongri (3950m/11.26Km/7Hrs). Overnight Tents.

  • Bakhim to Tchoka ( 2975m/1Km/1Hr)
  • Tchoka to Phedang ( 3496m/6Km/5Hrs)
  • Phedang to Deorali Dada (3900m/2Km/1Hr)
  • Deorali Dara to Dzongri Hut ( 3950m/2Km/1Hr)

With a total of 1207m of altitute gain Dzongri Trek on 5th. day is not an easy task. The trail to Dzongri starts straight away on a very rugged uphill trail that passes through Tchoka, a popular camping ground enroute Dzongri and Goechala Pass. No mountains are visisble on this part of the trek route. Just a normal uphill trek in the middle of the jungle. After an hours trek, Tchoka emerges on a small clearing on a mountain side. Tchoka consists of a very Basic Trekkers Hut and two small lodges and a house belonging to the caretaker. There is a small Monastery and a lake besides it. On a clear day Mount Pandim and Narsing can be seen on the right.

The trail continues it’s climb through the dense forest of the Kanchenjunga National Park till Phedang 6Km away, our lunch spot for the day. From Phedang the trail is gentle for an hour and then a steep uphill trek of one Hour till Deorali Dara. The tall rhododendron vegetation gives way to shrubs and bushes. Once at Deorali Dara you get the first views of the Kanchenjunga Range and the surrounding mountains that is so associated with trekking Routes in Sikkim.

The trail to Dzongri Hut from here onwards is an easy trek on level ground, and with the mountains in front the trek to Dzongri seems even lighter. We trek further on to our Camp Site at Doring (4030m).

Day 6: Early Morning Trek to Dzongri Top. After Breakfast Return Trek to Tchoka the same way that we had climbed up. Overnight Tents.

The early morning trek to Dzongri View Point or Dablakhang (4171m) is worth the one hour of climb as you get to witness the most beautiful sight of some of the tallest mountains in the Himalayas all above 7000m in height. This is what Dzongri Trek is all about, getting intimate with some the highest mountains in the world.

Day 7: Return Trek to Yuksom. Overnight Tents. Return back the same way.

Day 8: Drive to Bagdogra Airport for Final Departure. End of Yuksom Dzongri Trek.

How much does it Cost ?

  • Dzongri Trek Cost : US$640 per Person
  • Cost for Indians :  Please request for quote in Rupee

What does the Cost Include and Exclude ?

Dzongri Trek Cost Includes :

  • Hotel accommodation – twin share including breakfasts.
  • Twin share tent with mattress during camping/trekking.
  • Fully organized trek services with guide, porters, camping equipment.
  • All fixed three meals everyday during trekking/Camping.
  • All road transport as per itinerary by car/jeep.
  • Service of an English speaking guide.
  • Entrance fees to monuments visited.
  • All Permits for Sikkim.

Does not Include :

  • Sleeping bag; personal clothing/equipment.
  • Lunches and dinners during hotel stays.
  • Bottled or alcoholic drinks.
  • Tips, client insurance, evacuation costs.
  • Any expenses of personal nature.

Note: The above given Sikkim Dzongri Trek itinerary is a sample, intended to give you a general idea of the likely trip schedule. Numerous factors such as weather, road conditions, physical ability of the participants etc. may dictate itinerary changes either before departure or while on the trail. We reserve the right to change this schedule in the interest of the trip participant’s safety, comfort and general well being.

(All relevant Terms & Conditions apply).


  • DZONGRI TREK COST : US$640 per Person
  • DZONGRI TREK COST FOR INDIANS :  Please Request for quotes in Rupee


  • Hotel accommodation – twin share including breakfasts.
  • Twin share tent with mattress during camping/trekking.
  • Fully organized trek services with guide, porters, camping equipment.
  • All fixed three meals everyday during trekking/Camping.
  • All road transport as per itinerary by car/jeep.
  • Service of an English speaking guide.
  • Entrance fees to monuments visited.
  • All Permits for Sikkim.


  • Sleeping bag; personal clothing/equipment.
  • Lunches and dinners during hotel stays.
  • Bottled or alcoholic drinks.
  • Tips, client insurance, evacuation costs.
  • Any expenses of personal nature.

(All relevant Terms & Conditions apply).





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