Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim

Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim

Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim

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Farouttrek is a local company, Registered & recognized by Govt. of India, Tourism Deptt. Govt. of Sikkim. Also registered and Recognized by Govt. of Nepal, employing a small number of local Guides, Cooks & Porters.

Therefore, when you book your trip with us, you contribute to the local economy directly. This in turn helps the local economy grow & at the same time help a number of households maintain a healthy lifestyle

With more than 25 Years of experience travelling the Himalayas, we have an intimate knowledge about the places we travel to. So, give us an opportunity to serve you with our vast experience in handling Trekking, Expedition & Tour Activities in Sikkim, Darjeeling & Nepal Himalayas. Come Join us for a lifetime of Adventure.

Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim with a side Trek to Goechala Pass

Expedition in Sikkim to Thinchenkhang with a side trek to Goechala Pass is a perfect combination among the top five expeditions in Sikkim. The side trek to Goechala Pass, which ascents up to 4990m not only gives one the pleasure of trekking to the foot of Kanchenjunga, but in the process also helps in acclimatization making it easier for Thinchenkhang Expedition.

Thinchenkhang a 6010m technical peak with alpine type climbing falls to the South of Thansing Valley inside the Kanchenjunga National Park in west Sikkim. Once on the Dzongri Ridge Thinchenkhang remains visible throughout the trek from Dzongri to Goechala Pass. But this peak is best seen from Dzongri Top and also from Thansing valley.

Thinchenkhang a popular peak for Climbing

Thinchenkhang with an altitude of 6010m is the most sougth after peak for climbing and expedition in Sikkim. For a very simple reason that, as compared to other similar expeditions in neighbouring Nepal, one gets to experience the workings of a full fledged  expedition in Sikkim Himalayas at a very nominal cost.

Secondly, Thinchenkhang at just 6010m tall is a technical peak, and climbing Thinchenkhang involves all the technical aspects of climbing an eight thousand meter peak. Therefore, in order for one to undergo Thinchenkhang expedition in Sikkim, one needs to be a trained climber having both technical knowledge and skill.

So, with a combination of height and technical aspect, Thinchenkhang expedition in Sikkim is popular among novice and also ideal for first time climbers, aspiring to climb higher mountains in the near future.

Beginning of  Sikkim Expedition

Expeditions in Sikkim to some of the virgin Himalayan peaks was opened for mountaineering activities to the outside world only in the year 1990. Thinchenkhang (6010m) graded in the “D” category was one of the peaks declared open for Alpine Expedition in Sikkim that same year. Of the four peaks declared opened, Thinchenkhang expedition in Sikkim has remained the most sought after peak to climb till date. The reason being, Thinchenkhang with a height of 6010m, is the tallest when compared with the other three peaks, and which are all below 6000m.

Thinchenkhabg Expedition in Sikkim
Thinchenkhang Summit (May 2019)

Getting Around 

Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim starts with a drive to Yuksom (1760m), a small hamlet in West Sikkim, the old capital of Sikkim. Yuksom is the trek head for Expeditions in Sikkim to Thinchenkhang , Jopuno and  Frey Peak which lies in Rathong valley and is also the trek head for the famous Goechala Pass Trek.

Yuksom is about five hours and 144Km from the capital Gangtok and six hours drive from Bagdogra Airport or New Jalpaiguri Rail Station.

Trekking to the Base Camp at Toriphule

A two days trek from Yuksom through dense forests of the Kanchenjunga National Park takes you to the alpine vegetation at Dzongri Ridge. A rest day in Dzongri with a side trek to Dzongrilla Pass helps you in preparing for the final summit to Mount Thinchenkhang. Trek from Dzongri through alpine meadows to Thansing valley and set up camp at Lamunee. Trek up to Goechala Pass for views of the Kanchenjunga Range.

Setting up Base Camp at Toriphule and Advance Base Camp I and II

Expedition in Sikkim
Thinchenkhang Base Camp (Toriphuley 4034m)

Look up at Mount Thinchenkhang as you set up Base Camp below the summit at Toriphule (4304m). Trek up to the Advance Base Camp I (5404m)  below the peak. After a day of acclimatization trek up to the  Advance Base Camp II for the final ascent to Mount Thinchenkhang.

Peak climbing in Sikkim
Towards Advance Camp II – Thinchenkhang Expedition

Permits and Formalities for Thinchenkhang Expedition

All expeditions in Sikkim has to go through a Travel / Trekking agency registered and recognized by the Government of India and approved by the Tourism Department, Government of Sikkim. Permits for all expedition in Sikkim will be issued for a minimum of two persons after paying the peak fees as prescribed by the Tourism Department with the approval from the Indian Mountaineering Association.

Permits for all Expeditions in Sikkim has to be applied three months in advance. All relevant fees with regard to Peak Royalty, Kanchenjunga National Park Fees and Fees to Liaison officers  has to be paid in advance, before applying for the permit. Then only will the permit be entertained and issued.

Documents needed for Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim

The following documents has to be attached with the duly signed forms while applying for the permit for all expedition in Sikkim Himalayas.

  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Four Passport Photos
  • Indian Visa
  • Medical Certificate from a registered Doctor stating the participant fit to undertake expedition in Sikkim
  • Indemnity Bond duly signed
  • Personal Insurance for Mountaineering

Following Royalty shall be levied for Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim

For Foreign Expedition Teams :

  • 1-4 members –  US$500 per  Team
  • 1-8 members – US$700 per Team
  • Thereafter   US$75 for every  additional  member.

For Domestic  Expedition  Teams

  • 1-8 members – IRs.15,000 per Team
  • Thereafter   IRs.1500 for every  additional

For  Local Expedition Teams :

  • 1-8 members – IRs.3000  per  Team
  • Thereafter   IRs.300  for  every  additional  member.

Best time for Thinchenkhang Climbing Expedition

Thinchenkhang expedition in Sikkim
Advance Camp II

May to October is an appropriate time for Thinchenkhang climbing in Sikkim. There are basically two seasons that is recommended for all activities related to climbing in Sikkim.

Spring season which starts from March to May is an appropriate time for climbing and expedition in Sikkim when the Temperature is very pleasant.

October to November is another season recommended for expeditions in Sikkim Himalayas when the weather is very pleasant and the skies are all clear because of the just concluded monsoon rain.

After having said that, it is necessary to keep in mind that we do get an occasional rainfall especially in the afternoon in the Himalayas. The lower reaches gets rainfall whereas the upper reaches gets snowfall.

Clothing and Personal Equipment List for Thinchenkhang  Expedition to be brought by the participant

  • Summit pack with at least 65 liter capacity which can also be used as day pack while on the trek.
  • Large robust canvas bag or kit bag (for transporting gear on trail)
  • Small duffle bag with lock (for storing excess gear & travel clothes in hotel)
  • Good four season sleeping bag (0Degrees to -10Degrees Celsius)
  • 1 set of Windproof/waterproof Jacket
  • 1 Down jacket with hood
  • 1 Mid to heavy weight Fleece Jacket
  • 1 Fleece vest
  • 1 Mid layer fleece
  • 1 Mid weight Fleece pants
  • 2 Thermal underwear tops & bottoms
  • A Pair of insulated mitts
  • A Pair of thermal gloves
  • 1 Pair over mitts
  • 4 pairs of thick woolen socks
  • 4 pairs of thin polypropylene socks/liners
  • Climbing Boots
  • Good quality one Pair gaiters
  • Trekking Boots
  • Crampons
  • A pair of lightweight sandals (Keen )
  • Trekking pole(s)
  • Climbing harness
  • Ice Axe
  • Karabiners ( Locking)
  • Ascender
  • Descender
  • Jumar
  • Climbing Helmet
  • 1 Warm wool/fleece Hat
  • 1 Balaclava (wool/fleece)
  • Glacier goggles with side covers
  • 1 Sun hat
  • 2 One liter water bottles
  • 1 Whistle
  • 1 Head lamp with spare batteries
  • Trekking clothes (e.g., 2 shorts, 2 T-shirts, 1 trousers/synthetic pants, etc.)
  • 2 tubes Sunscreen lotion (minimum 40 SPF)
  • Vaseline / Petroleum Jelly for chaffed lips
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Hand sanitizer, etc.
  • 2 Bottles water purification tabs

Your Safety is our Prime concern

We care about you, and your safety is our prime concern. Therefore, we at Farouttrek have very experienced climbing guides with more than eighteen years of experience leading climbers and mountaineers from all over the world to all the highest mountains in the world.

Our Climbing Leader Tashi Sherpa has the following to his credentials

  • Everest – Three Times (2013, 2018 , 2019, 2021)
  • K2 (Pakistan) – 1Time (2014)
  • Kanchenjunga – 2Times (2011 & 2014)
  • Dhaulagiri – 1 Time(2016)
  • Lhotse – 2 Times(2012 & 2013)
  • Manaslu – 2Times ( 2016 & 2017)
  • Makalu – 2Times (2016 & 2017)
  • Annapurna – 2019
  • Cho-Oyu – 2014
  • Amadablam – 2021
  • Yalung Khang – 2014
  • Baruntse – 5Times
  • Mera Peak – 7 Times
  • Nanga Parvat ( India )– 1 Time
  • Thinchenkhang (Sikkim – India) – 4Times


  • Type of Trek : Moderate to Rigorous.
  • Minimum No. of Participants : 2 Pax.
  • Total No. of Days : 18 Days.
  • Style of Trek: Camping/Expedition.
  • Starting & Ending Point: Bagdogra Airport/NJP Rail Station/Nepal Border.
  • Best Season : April – June & September to December.
  • Availability : Only private Expedition can be arranged for a minimum of two persons on request on a date of your choice.

Itinerary for Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim

Day 01 : Arrive at Bagdogra Airport/NJP Rail Station. meet Guide and Drive to Gangtok. Overnight Hotel.
Driving Time : 4Hrs. Altitude :1760m

Day 02 : Around Gangtok. Acclimatization Day. Overnight Hotel(B/B only).

Day 03 : Drive to Yuksom (Trek Head/1760m/5Hrs Drive). Overnight Lodge/Hotel.

Day 04 : Trek Starts. Trek to Bakhim / Tchoka (2970m/13Km/5-6Hrs). Overnight Tents.

Day 05 : Trek to Dzongri (4030m/9Km/5-6Hrs). Overnight Tents.

Day 06 :  Rest Day/Acclimatization Day in Dzongri. Take a side trek to Dzongrilla Pass. Overnight Tents.

Day 07: Trek to Lamunee (4164m/11Km/5-6Hrs). Overnight Tents.

Day 08 : Trek to Goechala Pass and trek back to Lamunee. After Lunch trek up to Toriphuley (4304m) our Base Camp for Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim. Overnight Tents.

Day 09 : Acclimatization Day. Trek up to Advance Base Camp I (5400m/3Km) with the Sherpa  & set up Camp. Return to Toriphuley our Base Camp. Overnight Tents.

Day 10 : Ferry Goods & climbing Equipment & food to Advance Base Camp. Overnight Tents.

Day 11 : Trek to  Summit Camp with Climbing Equipment, Tents and Food. Overnight Tents.

Day 12 : Keep an Extra day just in case weather does not permit Summiting the peak. Overnight Tents.

Day 13 : Keep an Extra day just in case weather does not permit Summiting the peak.

Day 14 : Summit Camp  to Summit &  Back to Advance Base Camp  to Toriphuley. Overnight Tents.

Day 15 : Trek Toriphulae to Kookrochoong. Overnight Tents.

Day 16 : Trek Kookrochoong  to Tchoka. Overnight Tents.

Day 17 : Trek Tchoka to Yuksom. Overnight Lodge / Hotel.

Day 18 : Drive to Kalimpong. Overnight Hotel / Home Stay.

Day 19 : Drive to Bagdogra Airport / NJP Rail Station for Final Departure. End of Mount Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim.

Extension can be made to Darjeeling/ Nepal / Bhutan.

—— o0o —–

Note:  The above itinerary for mountaineering in Sikkim Himalayas is a sample, intended to give you a general idea of the likely trip schedule. Numerous factors such as weather, road conditions, physical ability of the participants etc. may dictate itinerary changes either before departure or while on the trail. We reserve the right to change this schedule in the interest of the trip participant’s safety, comfort and general well being.

(All relevant Terms and conditions apply).

  • Thinchenkhang Expedition Cost : US$4380 per person.
  • Peak Fees (Included in the Cost) : US$500 (for a group of two persons ).
  • Thereafter  US$75 per additional member
  • Kanchenjunga National Park Fees(Included in the Cost) : US$250.
  • Fees for liaison Officer US$200 ( Included in the Cost).
  •  Insurance for Pack Animals and Support Team (Included in the Cost).
  • Indian National kindly enquire within for costs & other information.

The following minimum Insurance Coverage is compulsory for  Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim ( Included in the Cost)

  • Expedition  members – IRs.3,00,000  per  person
  • Camp  Crews – IRs.1,00,000 per  person
  • Porters – IRs.50,000  per  person
  • Pack  Animals – IRs.20,000  per  animal

—– o0o —–

Cost for Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim Includes :

  • Twin Share Hotel Accommodation in Gangtok in Standard Hotel including Breakfast.
  • Lodge accommodation – twin share in Yuksom with common washroom & Rest room including breakfasts.
  • Kanchenjunga National Park Fees (US$250 )
  • Peak Fees (US$500)
  • Fees for two Sherpa Climbing Guide
  • Twin share tent with mattress during camping/trekking/Expedition.
  • Fully organized trek services with guide, porters, camping equipment.
  • All fixed three meals everyday during trekking / Camping / Expedition.
  • All road transport as per itinerary by jeep.
  • Service of an English speaking guide.
  • Entrance fees to monuments visited.
  • Trekking Permit & Inner Line Permits  for
  • Climbing Equipment

We provide the following Climbing Equipment for Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim (Included in the Cost) :

  •  a). Climbing Rope – 100m.
  • b). Fixed Rope – 200m.
  • c). Carabiner – 35Nos.
  • d). Plain Carabiner –  16 Nos.
  • e). Rock Pitons – 8 Nos.
  • f). Ice Pitons – 15Nos.
  • g). Snow  Bar – 4 Nos.
  • i). Jumar.

Insurance for Porters, Pack Animals, Cook, Guide & other support Team for Thinchenkhang Expedition in Sikkim ( included in the Cost) :

  • 1). Camp  Crews –IRs.1,00,000 per  person
  • 2). Porters –IRs.50,000  per  person
  • 3). Pack  Animals –IRs.20,000  per  animals

Thinchenkhang Expedition Cost does not include the following :

  • Insurance for Climbing Member
  • Sleeping bag; personal clothing/equipment.
  • Lunches and dinners during hotel stays.
  • Bottled or alcoholic drinks.
  • Tips, client insurance, evacuation costs.
  • Any expenses of personal nature.
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