Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal

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Farouttrek is a local company, Registered & recognized by Govt. of India, Tourism Deptt. Govt. of Sikkim. Also registered and Recognized by Govt. of Nepal, employing a small number of local Guides, Cooks & Porters.

Therefore, when you book your trip with us, you contribute to the local economy directly. This in turn helps the local economy grow & at the same time help a number of households maintain a healthy lifestyle

With more than 25 Years of experience travelling the Himalayas, we have an intimate knowledge about the places we travel to. So, give us an opportunity to serve you with our vast experience in handling Trekking, Expedition & Tour Activities in Sikkim, Darjeeling & Nepal Himalayas. Come Join us for a lifetime of Adventure.

Nepal Peak Climbing 

Climbing the trekking peaks of Nepal

Peak climbing in Nepal gives hobby climbers & climbing enthusiasts an opportunity to tackle high Himalayan peak without having to organize major expeditions. Although these peaks are lower than their more famous 8000 meter peaks. These Trekking Peaks are no less demanding and adventurous in nature. Join a fully organized climb or a Customized Private guided Himalayan Expeditions to Trekking Peaks of Island Peak, Mera, Lobuche, Chulu East West, Pisang, Naya Kanga, Mardi Himal, and other summits of Nepal. 

Nepal Peak climbing trip offers Trekkers & climbing enthusiasts a chance to climb a Himalayan summit & a taste of being in the white wilderness at a reasonable cost. We organize Nepal Peak climbing trips in the popular trekking areas with relatively easy access to the mountains.

Most of these Nepal Peak Climbing trips can be completed within a short period of time. For instance Naya Khang in the Langtang valley can be completed in less than twenty days with plenty of time allocated for acclimatization. Whereas on the Pisang & Chulu trip, you can do two summits in under one month with an itinerary that also takes you on the famous Annapurna Circuit trek. In Everest region the popular peaks are Mera Peak in the remote Hinku Valley, Island Peak, Khongm-tse, and Lobuche peaks near the Everest Base Camp area.

Though most of these climbs require little or no previous mountaineering experience, it is essential that participants are in excellent physical condition and have some outdoor background. Knowledge of use of ice-axe, crampons and ropes will come in handy.

Before the actual climb begins we will teach you the basics of handling ropes and other climbing devices including safety considerations. All our climbing treks are guided by trained guides who are registered with the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). Each of our climbing guides are local lads who are intimately familiar with the mountains and routes they guide on.

Join one of our Trekking Peak climbing treks to experience the pains and joys of climbing in the high Himalayas – a privilege that once was reserved only for the fabled ‘expedition climbers.


  • Nepal Peak Climbing Permits for the following Trekking Peaks and newly opened trekking Peaks of Nepal are issued by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).
  • Every expedition has to be accompanied by a Climbing Guide registered with NMA. 
  • Peak Permits can be optained through Trekking Agencies registered with NMA.
Group “B” Trekking Peaks 
Name of PeakHeightRegion/Area
Hiuchuli6,441m/21,126ftAnnapurna Himal, Pokhara
Singu Chuli (Fluted Peak)6,501m/21,323ftAnnapurna Himal, Pokhara
Mardi Himal5,587m/18,325ftAnnapurna Himal, Pokhara
Tharpu Chuli (Tent Peak)5,663m/18,575ftAnnapurna Himal, Pokhara
Mera Peak6,654m/21,825ftKhumbu Himal, Everest Area
Kusum Kangru6,367m/20,883ftKhumbu Himal, Everest Area
Kwangde Ri 6,011m/19,716ftKhumbu Himal, Everest Area
Imja-tse (Island Peak)6,160m/20,205ftKhumbu Himal, Everest Area
Khongm-tse (Mehra Peak)5,849m/19,185ftKhumbu Himal, Everest Area
Lobuje East 6,119m/20,070ftKhumbu Himal, Everest Area
Pokhalde5,806m/19,044ftKhumbu Himal, Everest Area
Pisang6,091m/19,978ftManang Himal, Manang
Chulu East6,584m/21,596ftManang Himal, Manang
Chulu West6,419m/21,054ftManang Himal, Manang
Paldor5,896m/19,339ftGanesh Himal, Central Nepal
Naya Kanga (Ganjala Chuli)5,844m/19,168ftLangtang National Park
Ramdung Go5,925m/19,434ftRolwaling Himal, East Nepal
Pharchamo6,187m/20,293ftRolwaling Himal, East Nepal
Fee Structure for Group “B” Trekking Peaks

  • Royalty for 1-4 members: USD 350.00
  • Royalty for 5-8 members: USD 350.00 + USD 40.00 per person
  • Royalty for 9-12 members: USD 510.00 + USD 25.00 per person

Note : Maximum number of members in one team is 12 Pax

Garbage Deposit for all 33 Trekking Peaks

  • A Garbage Deposit fee of USD 250.00 payable to NMA is required to obtain permits for all 33 NMA peaks.
  • Refunds on the Garbage Deposit shall be as per NMA provisions. 
  • Note: Expeditions have to be accompanied by a Climbing Guide registered with NMA.
Group “A” Trekking Peaks – Newly Opened Peaks
Name of PeakHeightRegion/Area
Mt. Cholatse6440 m/21,123ftKhumbu, Everest Area
Mt. Machermo6273 m/20,575ftMahalangur, Everest Area
Mt. Kyazo Ri6186 m/20,290ftMahalangur, Everest Area
Mt. Phari Lapcha6017 m/19,736ftMahalangur, Everest Area
Mt. Nirekha6159 m/20,201ftMahalangur, Everest Area
Mt. Langsisa Ri6427 m/21,080ftLangtang National Park
Mt. Ombigaichen6340 m/20,795ftMahalangur, Everest Area
Mt. Bokta6143 m/20,149ftKanchenjunga, East Nepal
Mt. Chekigo6257 m/20,523ftGaurishankar, East Nepal
Mt. Lobuje West6145 m/20,156ftKhumbu, Everest Area
Mt. Larkya Peak6010 m/19,713ftManaslu Himal, West Nepal
Mt. ABI6097 m/19,998ftMahalangur, Everest Area
Mt. Yubra Himal6035 m/19,795ftLangtang National Park
Mt. Chhukung Ri5550 m/18,204ftKhumbu, Everest Area
Mt. Yala Peak5732 m/18,800ftLangtang National Park
Fee Structure for Group “A” Trekking Peaks

  • Royalty for upto seven members: USD 500.00
  • Royalty for each additional member upto 12 persons: USD 100.00                       

Garbage Deposit for all 33 Trekking Peaks

  • A Garbage Deposit fee of USD 250.00 payable to NMA is required to obtain permits for all 33 NMA peaks.
  • Refunds on the Garbage Deposit shall be as per NMA provisions.
  • Note: Expeditions have to be accompanied by a Climbing Guide registered with NMA

Nepal Peak Climbing on some popular Peaks

a). 18 Days Island Peak Climbing.

Climbing the Island Peak trip fulfils the dream of every amateur and serious climber, who has been seeking the thrill of adventure and wish to take adventure climbing trips beyond simply trekking in Nepal. 

Island peak stands at 6,189 m. (20,305 ft). This trekking peak provides a challenging but achievable alternative to full scale mountaineering expeditions and gives you a chance to stand on top of a Himalayan peak. Trekking peaks do vary in terms of difficulty from non-technical plods to very technical climbs. Island peak is mostly a plod up but does require the use of an ice axe and crampons and there is one part where a rope is needed.

b). Chulu West Peak Climbing

Climbing Chulu West peak with the Classical Annapurna circuit fulfills the dream of every amateur climber who wishes to have the Himalayan summit\’s thrilling experience of lifetime with the great views of Himalayas and Tibet just next to them.

c). Yala Peak Climbing

Standing on a Himalayan summit with the less time consumption, Yala peak climbing trip is the best alternate for those climbers who have been seeking the thrill of adventure beyond hiking.

d). Everest High Passes and Peaks

The strenuous picturesque trekking and climbing trip of the Everest High Passes and Peaks takes us through an ever changing panorama of huge peaks, as we meander through the four valleys and high passes and peaks of the Everest region.

e). 17-Day Mera Peak Climbing Trek

Trek and Climb Nepal’s Highest Trekking Peak (6,654m)
Mera Peak is Nepal’s Highest Trekking Peak at an Altitude of 6654m & is located in the remote Hinku Valley. Climbing the Highest Trekking Peak in Nepal gives amateur climbers & experienced Trekkers the feeling of being on a Himalayan Summit. One can join a group or opt for Guided organized private or customized Trekking and Climbing Nepal’s highest Peak. 

Lobuche East Peak Climbing

Climbing trip to Lobuche East trekking peak offers various existing as well as new and challenging climbing routes to all the amateur climbers and explorers. Includes 06-Day Instructional Climb Of Lobuche East Peak – 6,119m.

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