Nepal -"abode of the snows"

Nepal, which everybody knows is known as the land of the Himalayas, Monasteries and famous mountain trails. The world’s tallest mountains are all located in in this Himalayan Nation. It is being said that”wherever you may stand, It’s always against the backdrop of the Himalayas”. Nepal is one of the worlds best trekking destination. It is not only a trekkers paradise but a feast for travellers seeking charming locals, astounding mountain scenery, River rafting and jungle adventure.

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a trekkers delight with it’s remote locations, challenging treks and Himalayan scenery. When it comes to Trekking in Nepal first and foremost that comes to mind is the Everest Base Camp Trek. Eight of the highest peaks in the world are here. Therefore, when it comes to trekking in Nepal it’s more about Mt. Everest and its surroundings. Because of the wide range of elevation the Nepal Himalayas offers short to moderate to strenuous treks. World’s best trekking trails are located in Nepal Himalayas. Annapurna Circuit Trek, known as the holy grail of circuit treks in the world is one of the most sought after treks in Nepal. One is spoilt for choice as this Himalayan country presents an array of Trekking Trails to suit every body’s need.

What to expect on the Trekking Trail ?

Any trekking trail in Nepal offers lodge accommodation every few hours, so you can trek at your own pace, stopping when you’re done for the day.  Every Tea house has big boards with detailed maps. So you can choose how many hours of trekking you would like to do per day and how far along the trail you want to go before you call it a day.  A typical Tea house consists of a single storeyed building with tin roof and five or six rooms or dormitories. They offer for a very reasonable price, a proper bed with clean sheets and blankets, a common toilet, running water and  hot shower.

When is the best time to Travel in Nepal ?

Nepal is open to travellers throughout the year. But all said and done, March, April and May are the best time to head to Nepal when the rhododendrons bloom up and Temperatures start to warm up too. Kathmandu averages around 20Degree Celcius and Everest Base Camp will be around 4Degree Celcius. Spring is also the best time to put on those trekking boots and tackle the most trodden trekking trail in the world, the Everest Base Camp Trek

September to November is also the best time to travel and trek in Nepal when the skies are clear. Many people flock to Nepal to tackle some of the best trekking trails in the world during this time.

Summer brings heavy monsoon rain but it mostly rains at night and days can be beautiful. Kathmandu averages around 29Degree Celcius and the mountain around 14Degree Celcius with plenty of rain. So if you do not like the peak season crowd and can withstand the heat and humidity you can head to nepal during this time, but trekking at this time of the year is off the cards. So Nepal has plenty of oppurtunities for travellers to see and do.

Day time Temperatures in Everest Base Camp averages around 4Degree Celcius & night time temperatures can go much below minus degree Celcius for trekkers. But with plenty of sunshine during the day and sorrunding mountains covered in snow makes spectacular vista. If you travel around mid winter temperatures can dip much below minus degree but you can have the mountain to yourself.

Religion Language & Culture

Nepal is a Hindu country and Hinduism is the dominant religion in this country though Buddhism is also practised here. Buddhism was brought in by the migrating Tibetan people from the the border in Tibet. Nepali is the official language and is abundantly used in all aspects of life. Other local dialects are also spoken in Nepal.





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