Nepal -"abode of the snows"

Home to popular Everest Base Camp Trek

Nepal known for it’s remote locations, challenging treks and Himalayan scenery is a trekker’s delight. Trekking in Nepal is first and foremost about Sagarmatha National Park and Annapurna Conservation area. They cover a major part of the Nepal Himalayas. Eight of the highest peaks in the world is in Nepal Himalayas. Therefore, when it comes to trekking in Nepal it’s more about Sagarmatha National Park, Mt. Everest & Mt.Annapurna and its surroundings. Because of the wide range of elevation the Everest Base Camp & Annapurna area offers short to moderate to strenous treks.

Any trekking trail in Nepal offers lodge accommodation every few hours, so you can trek at your own pace, stopping when you’re done for the day.  Every Tea house has big boards with detailed maps. So you can choose how many hours of trekking you would like to do per day and how far along the trail you want to go before you call it a day.  A typical Tea house consists of a single storeyed building with tin roof and five or six rooms or dormitories. They offer for a very reasonable price, a proper bed with clean sheets and blankets, a common toilet, running water and  hot shower.

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