Bhutan - "an exclusive land, a land lost in time"

Second and the only remaining Buddhist Himalayan kingdom is still perhaps the world's most exclusive tourist destination. Bordered by the Indian State of West Bengal to the South, Arunachal Pradesh to the East, Sikkim to the West and China’s Tibet Autonomous Region to the North. Bhutan is a land locked country sequestered in the bosom of the Eastern Himalayas a Place Isolated and hidden. A pristine Buddhist country with landscape ranging from sub-tropical plains in the south to the Alpine Mountains to the North, a country with the majestic Jhomolari & the Jisu Drake & with other mountains exceeding 7000m impressed with a certain mystique, a unique cultural heritage preserved intact and with a continuity of many centuries, an architectural style like no other, a land full of warm hearted and friendly people also Shares the Grandeur of the Himalayas. This small country has been a Kingdom since time immemorial and only in the Year 2008, under King Jigme Singye Wangchuk made it’s Transition from an absolute monarchy to a Constitutional monarchy and there by announcing that he would abdicate the Throne in favor of his Eldest Son “ Jigme Kheshar Namgyel Wangchuk”. With it’s remarkably well preserved heritage, tradition in the Buddhist country is not a relic of the past, but a living and breathing element of daily life. Trekking in Bhutan offers both spectacular scenery and the chance to see villagers at work and play. The trekking trails are unpolluted and pristine as few trekkers use them.

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