Mountain Biking in Darjeeling
Mountain Biking in Darjeeling

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Mountain Biking in Darjeeling, an adventurous trail in the Himalayan Range

Darjeeling is known as the mecca of mountain biking, and Senchel Wildlife Park near Darjeeling is perhaps the most popular spot for one or two days of Mountain Biking in Darjeeling. It is the only and first bike park in India dedicated solely to mountain biking. Mountain biking in Darjeeling in the Himalayan foothills may sound intimidating, but yes, it certainly is. Darjeeling and Sikkim are areas for experienced mountain bikers who love gorgeous scenery and local culture.

Darjeeling and Sikkim are the only two places in the entire Eastern Himalayas that have great mountain biking trails. There are different levels of Mountain Biking Tours in Darjeeling with a wide range of difficulty levels, obstacles, and scenery. Mountain biking is a great way to stay fit, and Darjeeling and Sikkim are prime destinations for hardcore mountain biking, but there are trails suited to those with moderate skill levels too.

Mountain biking in Darjeeling can be a one-day affair or a multi-day biking tour involving biking destinations  like Kalimpong and Sikkim. Since the invasion by the COVID-19 pandamic, mountain biking in Darjeeling has hit an all-time high and has become the most popular activity in Darjeeling, not only among the local population but also among the visiting tourists.

A 20-kilometer trail in the Senchal  Wildlife Park is the most popular one-day biking tour in Darjeeling. One can start this Darjeeling Biking Tour from Darjeeling or take a jeep ride till Ghum. A small town just eight kilometers out of town, and you can start the biking tour from here.

The trail leads through the lush green forests of Senchal Wildlife Park to Chatakpur, a small Himalayan hamlet with views of the river valleys down below and the Kanchenjunga Range on the horizon. Stop over for lunch at a local homestay and bike back to Ghum.

Mountain biking is the sport of riding specially designed bicycles over rough terrain, and Darjeeling has one of the first trails in India dedicated exclusively to mountain biking. The 20-kilometer-long trail in the Himalayan range through the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect getaway for mountain biking in Darjeeling. Though a late entrant in this field, mountain biking in Darjeeling has gained popularity with avid mountain bikers from all over the world of late.

The graveled path starts from Jorebungalow, eight kilometers from the main town of Darjeeling. One can ride from Darjeeling through the quieter Toongsoong Aloobari route to Jorebungalow. From Jorebangla, you enter the sublime forests of the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, dedicated only to mountain biking in Darjeeling. The twenty-kilometer biking trail ends in Chatakpur, a small village within the periphery of Senchal Wildlife Park. One can either cycle back through a detour or can also proceed further on to Baggora, which is fifteen kilometers away.

The highlight of this biking trip is that the trail goes through the protected Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to the endangered jungle cat, sloth bear, leopards, wild Boars and a host of birds. Coupled with this, the incredible views of the Everest and the Kanchenjunga Range make Darjeeling Mountain Biking a memorable outing.

What is the duration of  this trip?

Biking tours in Darjeeling depend on the participants. We at Farouttrek can arrange one day of biking in the Senchel Wildlife Sanctuary to multiple day biking tours in  Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Sikkim or Nepal. All you need to do is tell us your requirements, and we will prepare a customized itinerary to suit your needs.  We can arrange and organize multiple-day biking trips in Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling or Kalimpong with a full support vehicle, spare Bikes and in-house cooks and helpers to provide support for the biking trip.

The type of mountain bikes arranged and the gear supplied.

The types of mountain bikes used are Trek and Canondale. Helmets are also provided. But it is recommended that you bring your own personal helmet, as the size may vary. An experienced biking guide will accompany the riders all along the trail. Spare parts for the bikes will also be carried along just in case of breakdown.


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