Trek Sikkim Darjeeling


Sikkim an amazing place that no has really heard of, the Hidden Paradise

Sikkim home to the popular high altitude Goechala Trek or Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is a land locked state in India. Nestled in Indian Himalayas, it is bordered by Nepal to the West, Tibet to the North, Bhutan to the East and Indian State of West Bengal to the South. Once a small kingdom ruled by Kings It became a part of the Indian Sub-continent only in the year 1972. The Invading Gorkhas called it Sikhim or crested while the Tibetans called it Denzong, Valley of rice. It is basically a Buddhist state though other religions are also practised here. It was Guru Rimpoche who propogated Buddhism while he was on his way to Tibet.  

Home to  3rd.highest mountain in the world, Mt.Kanchenjunga. For that reason, this small Indian state provides some of the most interesting Trek routes in North East India. Further more Kanchenjunga National Park tagged as UNESCO world heritage site boasts of hosting a number of  Trekking Packages.  Goechala Pass Trek ranked sixth strenuous trek in Indian Himalayas is one such trek. Highlights of  Goechala Pass Trek is Goechala Pass at the foot of Mt.Kanchenjunga at an altitude of 4990m. Similarly Yuksom Dzongri Ridge Trek, Singalila Ridge Trek are among the more famous Trekking Routes. Trekking in Sikkim can be done from March to May & from September to December. 


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