SIKKIM - "An amazing place that no one has really heard of the vanishing tribe".

Nestled in Indian Himalayan mountain Sikkim is a small state & an ideal destination for Trekking & Adventure. A range of  Trekking routes from short Trek to a longer Trek are available for an Adventure enthusiast. 13Days Goecha la Pass Trek which leads to the Kanchenjunga Base Camp  is one of the most popular among the high altitude Trekking route. In addition Singalila Ridge Trek in Kanchenjunga National Park is a longer and strenous Trek. Singalila Ridge Trek is meant for seasoned Trekkers. Shorter Treks leading close to the snow clad mountains can also be done. Yuksom Dzongri Ridge is a Short Trek. With an Area of 7,096 Sq.Km & with a population of 610,577 nestled in the Himalayan mountains is a landlocked state in India. The Himalayan State is bordered by Nepal to the West, Tibet Autonomous Region to the North and East, Bhutan to the East and the Indian State of West Bengal to the South. It has 600 species of birds, 550 species of Orchids and large species of Rhododendron. It is also home to the endangered Red Panda, Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard & Blue sheep. Mt.Kanchenjunga (8548m) the 3rd.highest mountain in the world is situated in this Himalayan state. 90% of the landmass in falls in himalayan mountain.With elevation ranging from 280m to 8586m, comprising of 28 mountain Peaks, 80 glaciers it offers the best for the adventure seekers in the Eastern Himalayas. With its Snow Capped Mountains, high altitude passes, ancient monasteries and friendly inhabitants, it certainly is a place worth visiting.

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