North Sikkim Trek

North Sikkim Trek to the Basin of the Green Lake

Trek to the Basin of the Green lake at the foot of the Third Highest Mountain Mt.Kanchenjunga on this Nort Sikkim Trek. North Sikkim Trek Route to the Green lake area is isolated and is very rarely trodden by Trekkers. Because of the Permit restrictions and the high cost of organizing Trekking in North Sikkim it is very rarely used. The Trek Route takes one to the North Side of Mt.Kanchenjunga. It is a restricted area and special permit is needed to do this North Sikkim Trek.

While in Zemu Glacier gaze in awe at the enormosity of the Kanchenjunga masiff that stands tall in the shimmering morning light. Contemplate for yourself what it means to stand atop the third highest mountain in the world and look at the world below you. Gasp at the creation and the might of the natural wonder of the world on this North Sikkim Trek.

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