Nepal Treks

Nepal home to the eight of the highest mountains in the world is a trekker’s delight. Even if you are not an enthusiastic climber there are a wide variety of  Nepal Treks to trek on offer. From high altitude strenuous Treks to low altitude easy village Treks. Nepal Trekking trails are clean, well maintained and easily accessible with stays in quaint and serviceable tea houses.  First and foremost trekking in Nepal is about Himalayan scenery. One can soak up the view even if the weather is less Ideal or is cloudy.

As per one’s will one can make Nepal Treks as social or private as you like. Trekkers from many parts of the world come here to Trek in Nepal and people are generally respectful of silence. On any given trekking trails in Nepal there are tea house accommodation every few hours. Therefore one can walk at his/her own pace, stopping when you are done for the day. One should also know that in case of emergency, evacuation by helicopter requires minimum paper works & very little Government intervention.

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