Bhutan Treks

Bhutan with its landscape ranging from sea level to 7500m and with its high mountains and deep valleys makes it perfect place for trekking in Bhutan. Most of the Bhutan Treks are concentrated in East & west Bhutan. with most of the Himalayan Mountains and Passes falling in these areas. The most common trekking trails in Bhutan is the Chomolhari Base Camp Trek. The trekking trail leads to the base of the Chomolhari. The Snowmans Trek is another interesting Trekking Trail, but only an experienced and seasoned Trekker should attempt this trek. This is a 27Days Trek and is considered one of the hardest trek in the eastern Himalayas. The Laya Lingshi Trek another interesting Trek in Bhutan Himalayas. This Trek route goes through the remote part of Bhutan which is habitat of the layap people. Other shorter treks can also be organised in Bhutan. Central Bhutan has trekking Routes for people looking to do the easy treks.

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