Bhutan Tours

Bhutan sequestered in the bosom of the eastern Himalayas is a land locked country. The Indian State of west Bengal, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh bordering on three sides and Tibet on one side. As far as the terrain is concerned, the topography is similiar to Sikkim and Darjeeling. But the similarity ends there. The Dragon Kingdom is ruled by a King with its capital at Thimpu. The land of the drukyul has made efforts to retain & protect its culture and religion to a large extent. The religious festivals are an important part of the Bhutanese Culture. Paro Tchechu and the Thimpu Tchechu are the two most important festivals of Bhutan. Like Sikkim, Bhutan has altitudes ranging from sea level to 7500m. The variable topography of Bhutan makes it condusive to organise a variety of Bhutan Tours, ranging from Four Days to 10 Days. The highest mountain in Bhutan is the Kula Gangri at an altitude of 7435m. Chomolahri at 7316m overlooking the Chumbi Valley in Tibet is the most beautiful Peak in Bhutan. 

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