Which part of India is Ladakh situated ?

Ladakh is the largest and the least populated union Trerritory administered by India. Bordered by Tibet Autonomus Region on the East, Indian State of Himachal Pradesh to the south and Jammu Kashmir and Pakistan to the west. Ladakh with its strategic location used be an important cross road for Trade with central Asia and China. With the closing of the trade routes by China, Tourism is the only source income for the population of  Ladakh.

Leh and Kargil are the two biggest towns in Ladakh. Indus, Shyok and Nubra river valleys make the Leh District and Suru, Dras and Zanskar River Valleys make up the Kargil Districts. Majority of the population are settled in the river valleys and the mountain sides are occupied by the Pastoral Nomadic tribes called the Changpas.

Sandwiched between the Karakoram Range and the Great Himalayas, Ladakh is the highest plateau in India with an average altitude of 3000m. The area of this desert like place extends from the Siachen Glacier to the North of Karakoram to the Great Himalayas to the South. The Himalayas forms a barrier for the rain bearing clouds and deprives Ladakh from getting any rainfall, thereby creating this place into a high altitude Desert.

Culture and Religion in Ladakh

When it comes to religion Ladakh has a a mixed religion. Tibetan Buddhist consist of 40% of the population while the muslims 46%, Hindus 12% and others 2%. The culture and people of this Region closely resemble to that of the Tibetan People from Tibet. So it has a unique characteristic with a blend of  Indian and Tibetan culture.

What makes Ladakh Famous ?

Ladakh is famous for it’s spectacular high altitude desert like scenery, mixed culture, high mountain passes and adventure tourism like Trekking, clear blue skies and Monasteries and adventure tourism like Trekking. Talking about Trekking in Ladakh, the Tso Moriri Trek, Stok Kangri, Chadar Trek  and Markha Valley  Trek are the famous trekking destinations. These Trekking Routes can be compared to some of the Classic treks in Nepal Himalayas, like the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Popular Routes for Trekking in Ladakh

Zanskar Valley – A semi arid remote valley in Kargil District with Deep Gorges and Glaciers. Chadar Trek also known as Zanskar Valley Trek is the most famous where you get to Trek on frozen Zanskar River in sub zero temperatures.

Stok Kangri – Stok Kangri at 6000m is the best and the highest Trekking peak in Indian Himalayas. An oppurtunity for seasoned trekkers planning to climb peaks in the Himalayas in the near future. Captivating View of the Zanskar Valley and Markha Valley from the summit of Stok Kangri. One needs to be physically fit and properly acclimitised to embark on this trekking peak.

Markha Valley Trek – Markha is a stunning River valley in the Hemis National Reserve Park. Markha Valley Trek is a popular Trek in Ladakh where the trek route passes through beautiful Himalayan villages tucked quietly between the mountain ridges and passing through high passes. Gongmaru La pass at 5200m is the highest point of the trek.


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